The Vegan Stoner – (tofu) Chilaquiles

The Vegan Stoner, Chilaquiles Tofu easy mexican vegan foodMexican food has the perfect combination of deliciousness and preparation easiness. The Vegan Stoner has an excellent recipe up on their blog for a version of Chilaquiles with just 7 ingredients.  Traditionally this dish calls for egg, but thats where the Tofu comes in and could be prepared cubed as pictured or even scrambled. ( but that would require a bunch of pre-instructions we’re not getting into here.)   If you really want to get fancy, forget using a jar of enchilada sauce and use our recipe from scratch we posted months back for, Enchiladas Tonight!

Check out The Vegan Stoners page for a bunch of simple recipes for when you’re blazed and hungry. Also good for the lazy and hungry.

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  1. Martín says:

    Thank you for the link, blog is really good! fantastic recipes!

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