Fallen Patriot III

Patriot III Vegan Skateboard shoe from Fallen Synthetic leather synthetic nubuck Vegan

Fallen Patriot III is an update to the classic vegan skateboard shoe! The most consistent in their cupsole offering, the Patriot III is now slimmer and more breathable but still maintains great durability with a mostly synthetic nubuck upper.  The collar and tongue now feature meshed padding for a more comfortable feel and more venting to keep your feet sweat free.Vegan skateboard shoes Fallen Purple Skateboard skating Veg Vegan synthetic leather synthetic nubuck

Available in Grape Purple and Black; this is the first time we’ve seen a vegan-Patriot come in a non-black model. If you’re into the flashiness you know it’s all about the options and after all, the best flavor of purple is grape.

Black Ops

Skate Warehouse size 7-14 $59.99

Zappos size 5-14 $64.99

Grape Purple

Zappos size 5-14 $64.99

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5 Responses to Fallen Patriot III

  1. Mike Duthler says:

    I’m currently skating the Patriot II. I love them, but the only problem is the laces. They are placed so low that they rip within the first few minutes (and I don’t do much in terms of flip tricks). How are the laces on the Patriot III’s? Are they improved? I do need some new kicks.

  2. i loved the look but i wore though the sole in no time, it’s only been a couple months. i’m disappointed cause everything else is nice.

  3. Mike says:

    My only complaint: This shoe is too skinny. I am considering exchanging for a larger size… again! I think Fallen did something to their shoe sizing because nothing fits the same anymore,

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