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Fallen the vibe vegan skateboard shoe synthetic upperFallen’s “The Vibe” is Tommy Sandoval’s new pro skate shoe! The signature colorway is Vegan and comes in a black synthetic-suede!  We received a pair towards the end of the season, but were happy to get a chance to skate such a rad shoe! The slim cupsole features some excellent support, especially in the heel, but offers a really grippy and flexible toe which makes it out of the box skateable!  Toss in a little Rasta flair and you’ll agree, you’ve been in Babylon for too long.Fallen the vibe vegan skateboard shoe synthetic upperThe Vibe is an evolution of Tommy Sandoval’s last shoe The Kingston which also featured a synthetic toe cap and hemp canvas backing. On the vibe there is even more synthetic-suede which is balanced by a hemp-canvas tongue and heel backs.Fallen the vibe vegan skateboard shoe synthetic upperThe shoe looks super clean with solid toe caps and minimal stitch lines around the tongue and lace cage. The branding is subtle. vegan skateboard shoes rasta laces fallen synthetic If you really want to rock some rasta flair tricolor laces are in the box!synthetic vegan skateboard shoes FallenThe synthetic-suede toe cap is decidedly pointed and snug and really puts you in touch with the board for some excellent flick. The ollie area is cleared away from stitch lines. Even then the lines are layered with the canvas tongue.  Wide feet beware; You may want to go up a half size.02tcollarThe collar features an almost neoprene-soft padded collar with a high scoop around the heel and ankle. The shoe goes where ever your foot does with barely any wiggle or lift. The Vibe really has a connected feel.05healscollarBlack hemp-canvas on the stiff heel caps on top of a sculpted cupsole heel and those excellent cupping collars. Jah!Fallen The Vibe Lion of Juda insole Vegan skateboard shoesFallen always seems to keep the insole game strong. Lions of Juda printed on the arched and padded insoles.  The heel padding in the Vibe is excellent and the toe slims down to a thinness that makes your feet and board feel excellent together.Fallen the vibe FLX soles slim cupsole vegan skateboard shoeBased on Fallen’s slim “FLX” cupsole has a real snuggly designed fit. Lots of bend around the balls of the foot. The cut lines and suction cups make for an interesting break in the herringbone pattern. Add onto that, the primo protection on the arches and solid rubber on the toes and heels give some extra life on these kicks.15 hours of skate wear vegan skate shoe testThe Vibe after several weeks of skateboarding has been really fun! The shoe was a bit snug for the first few sessions, but only in the toe. It took some skating and walking around to get things loosened up however they are instantly skateable.  Those with wider feet really should try on a pair before buying. Though this is a fun shoe to skate its just not for everyone.0815hourstoeThe synthetic-suede upper help up considerably well and took a better part of two weeks of skating to even develop a wear pattern.  A second spot is still working its way just to the left of the first ollie hole.The Vibe Fallen skateboard shoes vegan A closer look at the ollie hole reveals a white rubber liner. This piece is woven into the toe caps to give a few days more or wear time once you get through the synthetic-suede layer.Fallen the vibe vegan skateboard shoe synthetic upper soles FLXThe soles have plenty of traction, even if the little suckers are worn away. The soles feel super consistent in traction and still have good impact protection, especially in the heel. The white looks a bit filthy. Chalk it up to skating on freshly paved roads we’ve been skating. Fallen the vibe vegan skateboard shoe synthetic upperVegan Skate Blog received our Fallen shoes a little late in the spring season, so the available sizes may be a bit low.  We’ve tracked down two spots that are still carrying this colorway in a number of sizes.  Most of the online retailers are listing the shoes as “genuine suede” however we’ve confirmed with Fallen that this colorway is synthetic.  Another note, we rarely link to places like Amazon, but due to the limited availability of the shoe, VSB is making an exception. Please check your local shop first.  On last check DLX in SF has several sizes in this colorway.

Skate Warehouse

Sizes 7-14 $49.00

Amazon (ONLY BLACK/BLACK is confirmed Vegan)

Sizes 5-14  $54.00-$59


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  1. These are the first fallen shoes i have seen that don’t look bulky. I would probably actually skate these.

  2. LLCOOLJEANS says:

    Bummer about the width! Oh well, still running on a backlog of suede skate shoes despite being vegan like 2 years… oh the money I’ve spent…

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