Food Fight Skateboard!!!

Food Fight Vegan Grocery SkateboardFood Fight, (The first all Vegan Grocery)  has an amazing new skateboard deck. The board has a modern feel with an “old-school” shape. Featuring art by Giancarlo Demarchi, The Vegetables take their revenge on some gruesome villains of the fast-food set. If you’ve every marveled at the walls of Food Fight Grocery, now you can take a piece home! vegan grocery food fightFunctional for ripping it up at the skatepark, pool, or tossing on some softie wheels for a  grocery-getter.  (Or stock up on vegan goodies, hang this deck in your kitchen and pretend you’re at Food Fight!)  Limited number of decks are available so don’t sleep on this one.

Food Fight $50.00 8.75×32  15″ wheelbase. (SHIPPING INCLUDED!!!)




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  1. Yes! This board and graphic rules!

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