Habitat Garcia

Habitat Vegan skateboard shoes Garcia Woods CollaborationHabitat Garcia is all dressed up and ready to skate! With two Vegan colorways for the fall season, black canvas is a Woods (psychedelic folk rock band) collaboration or waxed canvas in steel and raven (black). You could saunter into any “Apple-Picking Formal” your heart desires, black-tie and all; then hit the parking lot to play a game of S.K.A.T.E. with all the other 14 year olds. (No one believes your 30 if you’re on a skateboard.)

Habitat Garcia Waxed Canvas Vegan skateboard shoeThe shoe is super low cut. Very minimal tongue and collar padding with a solid toe cap for smooth wear.  The stylized stitching on the back of the shoe gives a stiff feel and cups to avoid your heal from popping out.

Vegan Skateboard shoes from Habitat Garcia Steel Raven soleVulcanized soles give a close board feel. The steel/raven is wrapped in white rubber and the black Woods collaboration in natural gum.  Both have some fancy insole designs. Don’t expect less, Habitat has the art on lock.

Habitat  (link goes to all colorways, only Woods and Steel/Raven are Vegan)

Black (Woods) size 5-13 $68.56

Steel Raven size 5-13 $68.56


Black (Woods) size 7-12 $55.99

Steel Raven sizes 7-10.5,12,13

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