Vegan Corner

Vegan Corner is sort of like the yellow pages, Not For Tourists guide to Veganism.  They list businesses, non-profits, blogs (like Vegan Skate Blog) and of course Food for the Veg set.  While the site has been up for about a year, they are trying to ramp up and improve the site with a fund raiser on IndiGoGo.

Vegan Skate Blog is listed on their site under the blog section. If you’re looking to travel, Vegan Corner, need to find a sweet Vegan restaurant in a strange city, Vegan Corner, how about an Animal Sanctuary, Vegan Corner. Vegan skateboard shoes, you could go their, but it will just link you back to here.  This is a fun site that is going to get better as the community builds, so go check it out and leave a review for VSB.

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