Habitat Guru Hi Review – Third Look

Habitat Guru Hi Vegan Skateboard shoe

The Habitat Guru Hi has had a solid two months of skate-wear in our review. At this point the shoe has become a gnarled up mess and a far cry from the picture above. Last month when we checked in, the Guru Hi needed a layer of Shoe Goo in order to continue reviewing other aspects of the shoe’s skate-ability. While this is the first time we have altered (or even cheated) the surface of a review pair, the shoe clearly had move to give.Guru Hi Vegan skateboard shoesWith no wear, this is a great looking canvas shoe. Habitat Vegan Skateboard shoeAfter just a few sessions and with barely any significant reduction of the foxing tape or toe bumper two holes have started to open up. Shoe Goo is added to the newly forming holes which considerably extends the life of the Guru Hi. Habitat Guru Hi Vegan Skateboard shoeTwo months in and it doesn’t look pretty anymore, but the shoe has held up with a few coats of Shoe Goo and still feels great on the board.  While the seems to the upper could have maybe been hidden, or perhaps moved slightly higher then perhaps they would not be coming undone so quickly. I’d rather not have to Goo the side of the shoe, but that would certainly stop a blowout on the side.

Habitat Guru Hi Vegan skateboard shoeThe soles on the Guru Hi are clearly the winning component of the shoe. The above photo is after two months of skating and the treads are just now balding.  But here is a closer comparison from new to now.Vegan Skateboard shoes from Habitat

Brand new and then one month in…Guru Hi Vegan Canvas Skateboard shoe

and then two monthsHabitat Vegan skateboard shoesHabitat Guru Hi Vegan Skateboard shoes

The overall feel of the Guru Hi is still fantastic. It’s at that point, (usually right before the shoe completely falls to pieces) where it fits perfectly on the feet and board. The soles still have enough traction and t still laces together with out and crazy lacing pattern.Habitat Guru Hi Forest Green Vegan Skateboard Shoes

As it turns out, despite the short comings of the thin canvas upper Habitat has put together an excellent shoe. Though laces are cheap and skate shoes almost always come with an extra pair, the unique folded tongue has totally saved the originals. The collar has also faired pretty well and its perforations in the back are sometimes the perfect handle to shoe-horn ones feet in.

Habitat has made some real improvements in the last few seasons and the Guru Hi is no exception. I would recommend these easily but with a small warning. You’re going to want to put the Shoe Goo on with in the first few sessions. Besides that this is a great skateboard shoe  Habitat could significantly improve this same shoe with a synthetic-leather toe cap while keeping the light weight canvas on the rest of the shoe.

CCS size 8-12 $69.99 (free shipping with code IPCCV2N3)


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2 Responses to Habitat Guru Hi Review – Third Look

  1. B. Edge says:

    They should just remake the shoe with a layer of rubber over the toe, old school Airwalk style.

  2. great review fakie.
    i love seeing the carnage.
    the shoes actually still look rad at the end.
    i always put shoe goo on at the beginning, quadruples their skate life.

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