Huf Sutter

Huf Sutter Vegan Skateboard shoes Huf Sutter boarders fancy and functional skateboard shoe in this all vegan model!  Huf has been bringing out a number colorways in this slim silhouette with no animal, but this is their first fully synthetic leather upper!  With super minimal lines and just a splash of camo print on the tongue these look like a great pair to wear on your next fancy skate-date! Hope to see a bunch more synthetics from Huf. We’re going to hit up Keith for a review pair and hopefully have some updates soon!

Huf sizes 4-13 $70.00

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  1. enjaybird says:

    i own a pair and love them . i only can wear them for a short time since i can’t wear vulc shoes foe too long .

  2. I saw these in person when the Huf team came to Seoul. They are rad. I’m waiting for the skateshops here to start carrying them.

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