Vegetable Shredder – Jimmy Hoang

Vegan Skateboarder Jimmy

Backside flip over the side walk photo: Nick Labovites

Name: Jimmy Hoang

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts

Occupation: Loving Hut Hamilton. I’m a part time chef.

Where do you like skating?: Eggs in Boston.

Why did you go veg?: I was actually born and raised a vegetarian. I became vegan when I was twelve years old because my family and I decided being a vegetarian wasn’t enough and it defeated the purpose of being against animal cruelty. To really be against animal cruelty and support animal rights; It just didn’t make sense to still be consuming milk and wearing leather.

Jimmy Hoang frontside flip vegan skateboarder vegetable shredderWhat is your favorite thing to skate and why?: I enjoy skating everything but if I had to choose, flat ground is my favorite thing to skate. Its what I grew up skating everyday and I just love the feeling of doing a solid flat ground kickflip.

What shoes are you skating in right now?: Fallen The Vibes

Say whatever I want about skating vegan…: Being vegan has unlocked my full potential and strength to keep pushing forward on and off my skateboard.


Jimmy sent this rad vegetable shredder to us back in July! Probably some of my favorite skate shots since Deerman’s Vegetable Shredder!   You’re in some good company Jimmy!

If you skateboard and shred vegetables, send us an email fakie [at]  You’ll become famous beyond your wildest dreams and get a sweet sticker pack.

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