iPath Aboot

Vegan Skate shoe from iPath

Its Aboot time a proper vegan skateboard boot was posted. Winter is in full effect so the low top canvas shoes just will not do. Luckily iPath has your ankles covered. The upper is all Waxed Hemp canvas to keep your feet dry from the cold and wet grips of old man winter. Cup soles that are build for skating means you can get some sessions in without switching footwear. I’m a little dubious aboot (Ha, Canadians) the toe fold moccasin thing.

Chances are if you live in an area that requires boots you may not be getting to rip everyday. So maybe its a nice trade off. Its cold and wet out, you’re dressed for the weather like an adult, but at a moments notice you can get your deck out of the trunk and play a game of skate. Sounds like a good deal. (BTW the tan model is Not VEGAN)

CCS size 8-10.5 $84.99 (they say suede, but these are waxed hemp)

iPath size 8-14(no9-10.5) $ 85.00

use code IPCCV2N3 for free shipping at CCS

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