Z-Flex Mr. Chipper Classic

Z Flex Skateboard Old School

With the “mini-wrongboard” craze sweeping the nation its no wonder there is new interest in skinny little Sims, G&S, even Logans.  Yesterdays movie Skater Dater probably got a few of you nostalgic for the skateboards of yesteryear.  No definable nose or tail save for the hand painted pin stripes.

Z-Flex Vintage skateboard re-production

The Z-Flex Mr. Chipper Classic recently showed up on Tailtap as a complete. True to form of the classics, the deck is 10 ply thick for some stiff riding. Narrow 1.75″ trucks fir a tight turning radius. Clay-colored urethane respects the scientific advancements of the 20th Century. Skating barefoot is a prerequisite for this board.  Thats also super Vegan.

Tailtap $99.00


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