Ipath Iconic XL

Ipath Iconic XL Vegan Skateboard shoes Organic CanvasIconic XL is the only vegan skate shoe currently available from Ipath.  This high-top is made of an thick black organic cotton with all the rasta stitching your ragamuffin heart desires!  Plenty of padding in the tongue and protected collars by virtue of layers on layers of canvas.

Ipath vegan skateboard shoes Vibram solesThe “Vibram” soles sure do look like cupsoles and are supposedly super comfortable to walk around in all day. I question the durability on grip tape and would love to give them a try though Ipath isn’t returning our emails for a test pair. Then again they also fired nearly the whole skate team earlier in the year.

At one time Ipath was the go to skate shoe company for the ethically inclined. Bummer. Then again with the amount of times Ipath has been swapped around, bought and sold in the last 5 years its no wonder the product mission has swayed.

Zappos size 7-13 $85.00

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  1. thomas says:

    I guess the powers that be failed to learn from the cautionary tale of Simple.

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