Lakai Camby

Lakai Camby Vegan skateboard shoeLakai has a new skate shoe perfect for summer, The Camby. Three of the four colorways are Vegan in an all canvas upper!

Lakai Vegan Skateboard shoes, The CambyCamby is simple and slim with a “boat-shoe” cut and skate functionality. Smooth toe caps for a consistent wear and good flick, folded canvas collar provides padding with out the foam and a slim tongue make for a shoe, thats close to no shoe at all. Not everyones cup of tea, but open collars always great for good ankle mobility! Vulcanized soles for that close board feel complete what might be the lowest profile shoe this season.

Vegan Camby Lakai Skateboarding shoesThree quality colors from a skater-owned company. Let Lakai know we want to see more Vegan models in the comments!


Port (Maroon) sizes 5.5-13 $58.00

Navy sizes 5,6.5,8-12 $58.00

Green size 5-14 $58.00

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  1. Beautiful.
    It is about time Lakai stepped up their vegan game!

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