Osiris Caswell VLC

Vegan Skateboard shoes OsirisOsiris Caswell VLC is a low profile, high impact vulc skate shoe.  The upper is all canvas and has a new blue colorway!

New Vegan skateboard shoes from OsirisThe toe cap is a solid piece with the stitching clear of ollie areas, so you’ll get a good bit of use before the shoe-goo needs to come out. The collar has a medium amount of padding, and the tongue is pretty light.  Don’t forget that gnarly face.

Cowtown size 9-11 $49.95 (get 10% off if you today or tomorrow, use online code “Valentine”)


Blue  size 8-13 $55.00

Black/Lime size 8-14 $54.95 (black runs a half size large. Wear a 9? get 8.5)

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  1. i love these shoes but have yet to get them.
    I haven’t had a pair of osiris shoes since “the storm” days.
    I had the t-sport (tyrone olson’s), and the Dave Mayhew D3’s (broke my ankle in them).

    Have you seen the gray and lime ones?

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