Blacksheep Alienworkshop Deck

Blacksheep Skateshop and Alien Workshop just put out this collaborative deck. While I have never been to Blacksheep in North Carolina, by the name alone I feel a kindred spirit. Every time I end up on their site, I think of Minor Threat’s “out of step.” Also no hiding it, Alien Workshop is now and probably always my favorite graphics/board company. Midwest Skateboarders Represent! Yeah, okay NC isn’t mid-west.

BlackSheepNC  $39.95

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2 Responses to Blacksheep Alienworkshop Deck

  1. ive never heard of blacksheep, i will check them out.

    alien workshop has come a long way with their alien sci-fi graphics.
    I’m still a toy machine/stereo/girl and chocolate board graphics guy.

  2. nike isnt skateboarding says:

    i want one but i cant support a shop that carries nike.

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