Osiris Chaveta

Osiris Chaveta Vegan Skateboard shoeThe Osiris Chaveta, part of the skateboard line, currently has three vegan colorways! The all upper canvas mid-tops come in natural tones; making them more subdued then what you may think of when you thin Osiris.

Osiris Chaveta Vegan Skateboard shoeThe one piece toecap provides a smooth surface for tricks, while the full vulcanized sole is wrapped in an abrasive resistant rubber outsole. The tongue is thin while the collar has plenty of padding.

Osiris Chaveta Vegan Skateboard shoeI’ve been super happy with the wear and tear of past Osiris models like the Pixel, which is more a lifestyle brand. The Chaveta is very similar in shape and construction to the Duffel and Caswell. So if you want to take a chance, the Char model is at a great price point to try out. Go Nuts!


Black/White size 5-14 $60.00

Tan/Brown/Cream size 6-14 $60.00

Char size 8-12 $40.00

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  1. the math is getting more difficult on here haha!

    40 bucks isnt bad for canvas mids!

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