Osiris NYC 83 Vulc Ballistic Canvas

Vegan Osiris NYC 83 VLCThe Osiris NYC 83 VLC comes in a Vegan ballistic canvas in three colorways as an exclusive from Zumiez. Ballistic Canvas may seem like an odd material for shoes, but its that same stuff you find on really durable messenger bags. So it should give a bit more in wear up from the standard canvas alternative.

Vegan Osiris NYC 83 VLCLots of padding in the upper collar and a thinner tongue; these will give a good amount of protecting from projectile-skateboards.

Vegan Osiris NYC 83 VLCThe VLC stands for Vulcanized. This means the soles are going to have a better board feel and a more true to size fit.


Red and Black size 6-14 $69.95

Char and Red size 6-14 $69.95

Grey and Cyan size 6-14 $69.95

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