Praxis Poet

Praxis Poet Vegan Skateboard ShoePraxis Poet is a slim, low-top skateboard shoe with a nice vegan synthetic upper and some style to boot! With either a black synthetic nubuck or a grey soft synthetic-suede called chamude you’ll be able to pop off more ollies, flip tricks, and general ripping then a traditional canvas upper.

Praxis Poet Vegan Skateboard ShoeThe Poet is built on the Praxis Sacred Sole, which is a super slim cupsole. It has incredible board feel and a great grip. We reviewed the Elemental last year and the sole and board feel was the best part of the shoe with out a doubt.  Ballistic nylon is fitted on the heals as well as boarding the toe. The tongue and collars have a mid-weight of padding for a comfortable fit with good foot protection.

Some of the little details on this shoe really count too. The cut-outs for the bottom two lace eyelets and the top nylon give you some options to really make the laces last. But they come with spares just in case!

CCS  (they got the material listings wrong, confirmed with the manufacture all upper is synthetic)

Black Synthetic-Nubuck size 8-13 $59.99

Grey Synthetic-Suede Chamude size 8-13 $59.99


Black Synthetic-Nubuck size 7-13 $69.99

Grey Synthetic-Suede Chamude size 7-13 $69.99

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