Unlocking The Truth

Unlocking The Truth is a self described heavy metal band ( though I think they sound a little like mid 90’s hardcore) from Brooklyn NY. Notable maybe because of the age and the skill level of Malcolm and Jared (Alec on Bass not in this short doc.) posses. It would be naive to imagine a good bit of attention isn’t based on race. The fascination with people of color in metal and hardcore music isn’t anything new, though at times can borderline spectacle.  The Avant/Garde Diaries documentary gives us a brief look at some kids finding their own path despite bullying and pressure to conform.  The shit we all deal with growing up, especially when weird, a skater, or someone just more in-tune with who they are and less concerned with the crowd, is the real message of note here.  Keep rocking guys, and keep skating!

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  1. nationstates says:

    First time I heard them I thought they resembled 90’s hardcore too

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