Supra Avenger

Vegan Skateboard Shoes from Supra

Supra Avenger is mid-top technical skateboard shoes goodness. Even if they call it a low-top. I say, its a bad-ass looking vegan skate shoe. Upper is all canvas, in two different colorways. Cupsoles are a nice alternative to most of Supra’s other models. Vegan Supra Avenger

The price is a bit higher then I usually like to post. However various holidays are approaching, like Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, etc. Rather then splurging on your self and then getting your family crappy gifts; send this link to a rich uncle that has no idea how fast you tear through skate shoes. I know Mrs. Fakie isn’t buying me anymore shoes, thats for sure.

Black Green sizes 7-12 (no 7.5,8.5) $85.00

B/W Speckled Canvas sizes 7-14 (no 10.5,11.5,13) $90.00

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