C1RCA 205 Vulc

vegan skate shoe from C1RCA

C1RCA 205 Vulc finally ha a synthetic leather colorway! Used to seem that the CX205 was the go to Vegan skateboard shoe. Well style has changed and the Vulcans are in now charge. (for the moment)

C1RCA 205 synthetic leather, Vegan

If the standard low-profile vulcanized skate shoe isn’t your thing, but you crave the board feel, this would be a nice introductory shoe. Black synthetic leather upper, lots of padding, and even a removable velcro strap. Everything you expect from a technical skate shoe.  The blue detailing should seal the deal.

Zappos size 5-15(no 8.5) $52.99


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  1. xpoisonfreex says:

    well this is amazing pair of skate shoes. I was that lucky to have a pair, but honestly they didn’t last even a month 🙁 I haven’t been riding with them so I can imagine is somebody is riding with them ,they will last like a day… Absolutely my favorite pair, love the design but poor quality 🙁

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