Supra Diablo

Vegan Diablo Skateboard shoes from SupraSupra Diablo is still keeping it dark for spring time. Same as last season, its all Vegan with a serious heavy duty canvas upper, and a nice puffy collar and tongue. The insides are lined with terry (think bathroom towels) to pamper your sweet little ankles and vulcanized soles give the good board feel.

Supra Diablo Canvas Vegan skateboard shoeThis is an Erik Elligton signature model so its great for skateboarding and night stalking.

Supra sizes 4-13 (no 6.5) $64.00 Free shipping right now!

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4 Responses to Supra Diablo

  1. these are the dopeness.

  2. B. Edge says:

    Aren’t canvas shoes essentially worthless for skateboarding, even if it’s “heavy duty” canvas?

    • admin says:

      I would disagree. Canvas on chucks may wear through in a day. Generally all the core skate companies are using a harder weighted product.
      I do prefer synthetic leather and other faux materials, but canvas is perfectly skateable.
      If you want companies to start making something different please send them email and feedback. The product managers for almost every company I post on are very respectful and receptive.

      • I agree, heavy canvas will hold up.
        If you are having trouble with shredding your shoes, I suggest using shoe goo, its $5 dollars and a tube will last you a good while, longer and cheaper than buying $50 dollar shoes every few months.

        The trick is to coat the shoe BEFORE you skate them, and just recoating them.

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