Supra Skytop III

Vegan Supra Skytop III skateboard shoesSupra Skytop III “Jade” is one of the few “Vegan” colorways to come out from this massive line of over the top skateboard shoes. That being said, Supra always has some of the more unique color schemes and who doesn’t want to pretend they ride a hoverboard to school.

Vegan Supra Skytop III skateboard shoesThe upper is a cream colored waxed twill. The solid toe piece is protected by a cupsole construction and internal padding. Most notable about the Skytop III is of course the “TPR cage.” Thats the black plastic lace holder. Other then style it may provide a little more wear time, but it would be nice if you could hide the laces under it for added protection. The heal strap is also made of a similar plastic. Great for the lazy who don’t like to tie their shoes.(Mr. Fakie)

Vegan Supra Skytop III skateboard shoesThe collar and tongue feature a hefty amount of padding to protect your ankles. If you are the kind of skater who misses the puffy “Basketball skateshoe” from the late 90’s then the Skytop III is your solution. The tongue is also a black waxed twill on the outside, but is soft and fuzzy on the inside.

Vegan Supra Skytop III skateboard shoesAnother thing you may miss from the 90’s; Air! The cupsole features an air pocket in the heal. An excellent feature when pulled off successfully. Otherwise its a one way ticket to squeaker-town.

Supra size 4-13 $120.00 ( Hey big spender, at least shipping is free.)

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