Zenith Vegetarian Cafe

The Zenith Vegan Pittsburgh Zenith is Pittsburgh’s oldest and most fantastic Vegetarian restaurant. Mostly Vegan and all Veg, it is also an art gallery and Antique shop.

Zenith Vegan Vegetarian Cafe, Brunch

Most famous for the $10 all you can eat sunday brunch, Zenith may be the anti-skate snack since  one is doomed to the best food coma money can buy.  This renders skateboarding virtually impossible for the remainder of the day.  Just look at all these cakes!  Twelve and they are ALL VEGAN!!!

Vegan Buffet in Pittsburgh

Here is the deal, you get a seat, order 1 of 7 entrees, choose coffee or tea, and then settle in for a carbo-load while you wait for the entree to be served.  I recommend going in for dessert first, but after that the green potato salad and sesame peanut noodles are a must.

Zenith Vegan Restaraunt Pittsburgh If you are on a skate trip or vegan food tour, this place is a must. Cheap, delicious and filling. Never a disappointment. The owners are surly Yinzers too! No hippy crap here.  When you’re done eating and need to walk it off, “Headboard Shop,” Pittsburgh’s longest running skateboard shops is right around the corner!

Zenith 86 S. 26th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203                                                              Thursday to Saturday 11am til 9pm    Sunday (brunch) 11am til 3pm

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