300 Posts!!!

300 posts on the Vegan Skate Blog!   Above is a photo of me and my sister, nearly 18 years ago. The two of us were simultaneously trying to kill one another and discovering new music and subcultures together. She is 3 years older, always hung out with a crowd of kids older then herself and always took me along for the ride. By proxy I was introduced to skateboarding, music, and all kinds of crazy shit extremely young.  As soon as she got her license we would go into the city for pizza and shopping sprees funded by the credit card we regularly swiped from my dads wallet. The Alien Workshop shirt I am wearing we bought at a now defunct skate shop in the South Side of Pittsburgh with the illicit credit card.

Everyday since July I have been posting something that has meaning for me, in skateboarding, veganism, activism, music, etc. I’ve felt a passion for skateboarding for most of my life, and that has only been reinvigorated since starting this blog. For that reason I thought I would share a little bit of myself, despite the embarrassing factor of this photo. I was a fat 13 year old and the braids didn’t help much. What can I say, it was the 90s!

Regardless, here is to 300 posts, and 300 more. We’ll be posting a new verity of stuff in a few weeks. We’ll still keep posting four vegan skate shoes on every page, so don’t sweat. New stickers are going to be coming very soon, t-shirts, and maybe a VSB deck!

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2 Responses to 300 Posts!!!

  1. Alpesh says:

    Here’s to a helluva lot more than 300 posts dude 🙂

    Any clues as to the “new *verity* of stuff”?

    Finally, thanks for the great blog… and for that other thing 🙂

  2. it’s awesome you had an older sister that was cool growing up, i wished i could have used my dad’s credit card to buy some skate shirts!
    i naturally hung out with older people and had the same introduction to music/art, in high school especially.
    but skateboard was where I always found almost everything. great bands/arts/traveling. it all stemmed from there and that’s why even though I dont skate half as much as I used to it is and will always be a huge part of my life.

    i’m excited about these stickers/shirts and a board!

    cheers to 300 posts, and more to come!

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