Vegetable Shredder – Vig


LOCATION: Singapore ; The country the size of a full stop on the world map.

OCCUPATION: Retail staff in Quiksilver & Student.

Where do you like skating?  Anywhere, Everywhere.

Why did you go Veg?  The last thing an animal feels is fear and pain and to know that not only are you a part of it, but also consuming it just kills me inside plus I’m indian and my forefathers used to be vegetarian..i just turned it up a notch.

What is your favorite thing to skate and why?  Ledges, i just love getting air off those ledges and when u stick the landin, that feeling is amazing.

What shoe are you skating in now? Supra Thumbprints in Black or Black Vans Half Cabs . They aren’t vegan, but i just turned vegan for about 3 months,  & I’m tryna skate off all my old non-vegan kicks…will be buying new ones on my pay day. yaay!

Or just say whatever you want about skating Veg…   I skate longer during skate sessions compared to my boys who eat meat..i never skated like this before, you really can’t stop.. when u know that somehow ure saving animals & the environment u just really feel like batman or on a superhero my girlfriend’s really supportive of me skating and i got her to turn vegetarian, so… for me thats just a plus 🙂


I love getting submissions from around the globe! Thanks Vig for sharing. Not sure if I follow about the whole “full stop on the world map,” but I here Singapore has some awesome skate spots and vegan eats!  When Vig rips his old skate shoes to shreds, hopefully he can find a sweet pair on the blog.

If you want to submit a Vegetable Shredder, just copy and paste the questions above and email your answers to Don’t forget to attach a skate photo and your mailing address so we can mail stickers and other goodies.

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