Batch-a-Kale Greens

Tofurkey, Kale Greens, Roasted VegetablesKale Greens, specificly prepared with Dinosaur (aka Lacinato) is the BEST! Perfectly savory, substantive and hearty. Around this time of year I viscously crave them at every meal. Often it just becomes and easy meal in its self! Maybe you’ve seen the Herbivore T, “Only Kale Can save us now?”  Well this recipe will certainly make you a bit healthier and save some dollars, as this is a super cheap meal to make.  If you’ve got $3 you have yourself 2 meals.  I snagged this recipe from a long out of print Soul Veg cookbook that I don’t even have anymore.  I’ve made them so much from memory, its an easy one.

2 Bunches of Dinosaur Kale.

1/4 White Onion, small Dice

1 Tomato with out the seeds, cubed

1/2Cup Nutritional Yeast

1TB onion powder

1TB Garlic Powder

2tsp Salt

Pepper to taste

1TBS Olive Oil

1/3Cup Water

Rip up the washed Kale with your hands into small chunks, dice the onion, and cube the tomato. Stuff all these into a 3QT Pot with a lid.  Add the Nutritional Yeast, Onion/Garlic Powder, Salt/Pepper into the pot.

Pour the Olive Oil and Water to the pot and turn the burner on low.  Go watch two skate videos. (about an hour) Then eat and watch another skate video.

Raw Dinosaur KaleThis is what Dinosaur Kale looks like raw. Like dinosaur skin, eh?  I made a great batch to pair with some sauerkraut, vegan ham, and mashed potatoes with Tofuttie “Better Then Sour Cream” for a German New Years Dinner.

Looks pretty tasty! Happy New Year Everyone!

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4 Responses to Batch-a-Kale Greens

  1. Jack James says:

    I really like the sound of your recipe and using Kale which I have only just discovered but what is nutritional yeast? I was wondering if I could leave it out but as there is half a cup I thought mmm maybe not.

    • admin says:

      You can leave it out but it highly enhances the flavor. You can buy it from just about any natural food store. Or mail order it from Food Fight Grocery or Vegan Essentials.

  2. Jack James says:

    I’ve become a Kale convert. I didn’t realise there were so many different types and I have found an organic supplier not far from home. I have now used it in a stir fry and it didn’t completely disappear like some leafy greens. Go Kale!

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