Creature Coffin Riders

Creature Coffin Riders skateboard decks everslick Creature Coffin Riders are bringing back an old friend from the dead, “Everslick”! The scourge of the 90’s. It added weight, cost more, and eventually would hold your cracked board together by a thread. You could really slide well though. Chances are this will not be the fate for the Coffin Riders, even if they are 7-ply and have some kick to them. But lets face it boys and ghouls, the Rip Rider isn’t coming back and every day is Halloween for your little goth souls. Let the dead rise! Available in two sizes, Small coming in at 8″x27.75″ and Large in something of a traditional sizing 9″x31″

NHS Fun Factory

Coffin Riders SM 62.95

Coffin Riders LG $62.95

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