Suburban Vegan’s “Chicago SoyDairy Field”

I came across the “Chicago SoyDairy Field” snack platter, which was a submission by blogger, Suburban Vegan, to the Chicago Vegan Food’s “superbowl recipe challenge”.  Though I am still unsure of what this “superbowl” thing is, I do like the idea of large snack plates.  Suburban Vegan lays out everything you need to build your own snack field, just one of the verity of exciting dishes on their blog.  Go check them out and get some more perspective shots of the Chicago SoyDairy Field.

Now I would like to send out a challenge to some of my blog readers. Vegan Skatepark snack platter.  Thats right, a large plate of snack foods, organized and comprised into a scaled skatepark. This could be a plaza or a halfpipe. Just as long as its vegan. Submit the photos in an email {fakie at veganskateblog dot com} or tweet @veganskateblog

Participants will get a Vegan Skate Blog Button and some stickers. And If we have more then one contestant (other then myself) I’ll think of some other skateboard related prize. Could be a new deck, could be a flatspotted wheel, perhaps a pair of sunglasses or arm band.  Either way, get em in before March 31st. And I’ll announce a winner and post photos. Don’t forget to post the recipe and or instructions. And if you want stickers, I need a mailing address.

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