Vegan Black Metal Chef – Indian Feast Of The Gods!

Wow! Vegan Black Metal Chef has done it again! This video really takes me back. When I was in high school my band used to play shows at Pancake Skate’N Whirl. A local roller rink which had pretty decent skateboard ramps that got dragged out every Saturday night. This was also the night we would play shows and for awhile I was HUGE into the whole Krishna-core thing. I never was never a devotee, but I really liked the idea of “Prasadam.” If you ever had a free meal from Krishna devotees, then you ate Prasadam, “food offered from god.” It can be anything. Samosa, channa masala, doesn’t matter. As long as its Vegetarian.

I thought doing a Prasadam at our shows would be a great way to get people into eating Vegan. So every show we played, I would cook up an enormous pot of Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potatoes in a tomato curry sauce) and basmati rice on the side. After we played we ate and encouraged everyone at the show and skating to take part. It made an impact of a few. Maybe it would have been more effective with a black metal sound track though.

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