Hand-me-Down Skateboards

My buddy Jimmy was cleaning up some stuff from his dads garage and came across these gems. A Jason Rogers H-Street deck and an anonymous well worn deck. Jimmy offered up the decks to myself and another friend, Monkey. I got the one on the right. (Pretty sure you don’t even know who Jason Rogers is Monkey.) I was a little bummed that Monkey got the H-Street deck, but I still got a rad deck so no worries.

A well worn skateboard of any type tells a story. Or maybe hold a bit of a mystery. There are no visible brand markings on here. No grip tape either. By the looks of the wear and paint job, this thing was a hand me down many times over. Picked clean and re-purposed. Just look at the rail holes on the side.

The trucks are a set of painted Indy’s. The hangers are ground to hell and back. No way the Ripper that work’s the trucks that hard was rocking a no grip-tape cracked piece of drift.

Now check out the miss-match hardware. We have a flat head, a counter sink philips, and a couple of carriage style philips raising up out of the sinks.

Couple more carriage style in the back and a U-bolt. WTF? These things where never a good idea. Not even for longboardswrongboards.

Finally lets take a look at these wheels. The cut might make no sense to a skater today. I’m not sure it made sense to skaters then either. Call it branding difference, or maybe kids where making use of those sidewalls. Probably the former, for all the retro boards and products that have been pumping out this one sided cone cut has yet to return.

Just like an ugly dog, you can’t help but love these garage trolls. Probably not going to use it as my daily ride. Though after I post these, the shitty hardware is going away. The deck is getting a fresh set of grip. Maybe even some new rails. You gotta take care of your stuff, you guys.

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  1. dh says:

    those wheels are on backwards. The cone goes on the inside for rolling off/over big coping.

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