Skate Tunes – Wugazi

Sleep Rules Everything Around Me by WUGAZI
I could try and explain it, but here is what they have to say. Click play and read.

“Wugazi is a labor of love by Cecil Otter & Swiss Andy. A year’s worth of cutting up every imaginable Fugazi record and trying out every Wu-Tang acapella they could get their hands on, resulted in Wugazi: 13 Chambers (a must listen for anyone who even looked at a skateboard in the 90’s).”

And if you have to ask, why this is being posted on this blog? Find another skate blog.  just saying.


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3 Responses to Skate Tunes – Wugazi

  1. J.V. says:

    Been riding bmx to 13 Chambers for some time now, so suitable for flowing. Will definitely back this post.

  2. Brandon says:

    This is awesome.

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