T. Rust – The House

T. Rust has a video for his song House, directed by our resident video contributor Sean “sleepinghouse” Conley.   T. Rust has a mellow airy garage rock style spot on for late spring cruising. Apparently Nashville still has multiple pay phones, less thats some camera trickery or prop-making. Next thing you know T. Rust is going to pull out a Cap’n Crunch whistle, blue box and auto-dialer. Serious retro street cred guys.

Check out T. Rust’s EP Dimes. for more ethereal dreamy skate jams,

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2 Responses to T. Rust – The House

  1. This was shot in Murfreesboro, where Taylor found 2 payphones in proximity of each other, which sparked the original idea for the video. No camera trickery here!
    Also, to record the pay phone ringing, I had to drive around Nashville for 45 minutes looking for a payphone that actually worked. It is crazy how many there used to be.

  2. thomas says:

    Probably the only payphones left in Murfreesboro at that. Growing up there I remember my folks would drop me and friends or date or whatever off at the movies, I would then make beeline for the Marvel vs Capcom or Sega Top Skater machines in the arcade and blow the quarters I brought to phone home to be picked up later, because why bother when I could dial 1-800-COLLECT at no charge to my self? Do they even have collect calls anymore other than in jails?

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