Heroin Skateboards – Deerman of Dark Woods

Deerman of Dark Woods barrier kultDeerman of Dark Woods has a brutally rad new deck on Heroin Skateboards!  Less occult then some of DMODW previous decks and a bit more traditional in shape and size. 9.35″ x 32″ with standard concave. Make sure you have some fat wide trucks for this one. The drilling is for standard modern day trucks however.

Deerman of Dark Woods is a dedication Vegan and represented with a Vegetable Shredder last October. We will always back this masked mephistopheles from the deep woods of British Columbia.

Heroin Skateboards Fos Art show Vancouver BCThis deck features the art of  Mark “Fos Foster” and if you like what you see and live in Vancouver, B.C. head over to Fortune Sound Club tonight at 10pm. 

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