Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot – issue 12

Attack of The Zombie Soy Bot issue 12 Vegan Skateboard zine

tOM “Zombie Soy Bot” just released issue 12 of Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot! The semi-quarterly slice o’ life comic-style ‘zine is chalk full of skateboarding adventures, vegan food runs, and a laugh out loud jokes.  The amount of skate jokes and references are too many to count; Soy Bot is a Low Card reader for sure.

Here is an excerpt from the first pages. Veganism and Skateboarding. Two totally disconnected things that somehow have a passionate audience appreciating both. Weird.  Dive deeper and we get some Chicago Zine Fest antics, and find out tOM’s true BFF.  60pages total with a letter pressed cover by Artnoose of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse.  Did i mention tOM and Artnoose are both Vegetable Shredders?

Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot Etsy $4

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  1. tOM says:

    Nail hit on the head with that Low Card comment.
    Thanks for the write up Mr Fakie! Come back to PGH soon and we’ll trash again!

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