Real UV Color Changing Deck

Real Skateboards Anti-Hunting skateboard deck pro vegan animal revenge animal rightsReal Skateboards just dropped a new round of decks that reveal a hidden (animal rights revenge themed) graphic after spending time in direct sunlight! VSB reader, Jurij tipped us off to the “Happy Huntin’ Deck”. It features an innocent little fawn frolicking with his forrest friends, only to reveal a lovely scene of revenge for humans that have no respect for life.
Real Skateboards Anti-Hunting Anti-Fur Anti-Clubbing Vegan Animal Rights Skateboard stickerThe anti-hunting message continues with these rad “It’s Cubbin’ Time!” sticker and T-shirt. This little pup may not have hands, but certainly has distributed some retribution.

SoCal Skateshop has them all

Happy Huntin’ Deck size 8.25×32 $46.95

It’s Clubbin’ Time! Sticker $1.75

It’s Clubbin Time T-Shirt $19.95

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2 Responses to Real UV Color Changing Deck

  1. Martín says:

    Nice Decks! TY for share!

  2. tailslidetofakie says:

    AWESOME!!! Wanna have both but not for skatin… I’d hang ’em on my wall. Beautiful

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