Direct Action Everywhere: Truth Matters (An Open-Investigation of Whole Foods Market)

Direct Action Everywhere launched their newest campaign “Truth Matters” last month. Touched off with an open-investigation of one of Whole Foods top rated “Humane Suppliers,” the group is aiming to highlight the misleading advertising by companies like Whole Foods Market looking to greenwash their image. More and more companies try to brand themselves as health or humane with branding practices that don’t add up.  Whole Foods tries to convince the consumer that a 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating where “the well-being of the animal is the primary focus; efficiency and economy are secondary.

It is as if they would have us believe, they got into the animal slaughtering business because they care about animals.  Check out the video. Direct Action Everywhere isn’t calling for a boycott on Whole Foods Market. Instead they are insisting that if Whole Foods wants to sell animals, they should stop lying to consumers. They want companies to stop trying to get people to feel good about eating animals or emptying their wallets for an illusion that some how these “5-steps” make any difference in a violent end.

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