DC Crisis TX

DC Crisis TX Vegan Skateboard ShoeDC Crisis TX is vegan in several colorways just in case you didn’t want some more  black skateboard shoes. Sounds pretty crazy I know, but we aren’t all goth all the time. The Crisis has a low-key look with its solid toe-cap and minimal stitching.  I really dig the how the top of the toe-cap comes right up to the laces. It gives it a smooth look and maybe some diversion on ripping that bottom lace.

The Crisis TX has a spandex lining for a comfy soft feel on the foot.  The spandex lines the padded collar too; a little less heel and lower ankle chafing if thats something that boils your grits. Oh and these are cupsoles, for all you vulc-haters.

(NOTE: The Dark Blue colorway may have a piece of leather on the heel. All other color ways in the TX line are good.)

DC size 7-13 $60.00

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