…hitting the road.

As summer draws to a close, the days and nights become cooler, and little groms head back to school; going out for a skate seems all that more appealing. For some of us this is the essential time to get out there and rip. If you live in the South or the Western US then certainly the heat is not as intense. For the rest of the country it means a day time session at the more popular skate parks will accommodate skaters well versed in the park edict.  Wherever you are, this just seems like the ideal time to get out and enjoy your skateboard. If the deck has been sitting around, neglected. Now is the perfect moment to capture what will soon be gone.

Right now, I’m going through some deep emotional grief. Skateboarding has always got me through all the heavy mental anguish stuff. So I’m hitting the road. For now I will bomb the hills of Pittsburgh. As I head out to California I’ll make sure to hit up all the spots in past trips, when it hasn’t been just me and my board, that I have missed. I’ll be trying to keep Vegan Skate Blog updated everyday, however from here on out there is a (very slight) chance a day or two will be missed. I will be scoping as many parks and vegan friendly eating establishment as possible. Hopefully filling out the Skate-Snacks portion of the page in areas other then Pittsburgh and Chicago.  In my skateboard I will trust, and you should too.

Keep Shredding Vegetables,

-Mr. Fakie

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  1. I am happy to hear of your travels and I wish you the best.

  2. veganshawn says:

    Please hit me up if you are any where near Sacramento, you can find me on facebook though the email listed. – Shawn

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