Month Three

I’m happy to say that Vegan Skate Blog has been online for two months now with updates everyday for the vegan skate crazed masses!  I didn’t know how many people would be reading, but after getting some great unsolicited feedback I think we’re on the right track.

This month I want to get the stickers out and spread the word. (If you are Veg and do graphic design hit me up) Saturday I’ll be serving up Vegan Chili Dogs at Chicago Original’s BBQ BEATS Block Party, spreading the word of compassion with some free food.

Today is the first day of month three. I wanted to post something special, so It’s going to be a Vegetable-Shredder. A friend and someone I look to when I think of my future in vegan- entrepreneurialism.  This guy is responsible for the best Vegan Marshmallows, Cheese, and Ice Cream available today, an ambassador to the world of Animal Rights, and a gnarly skater.  Ryan Howard in his own words.

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