Portland, Sweet Portland

Portland SignA little over a year ago, I wrote that, moving to Portland is like giving up on the rest of the country. Giving up on all the other cities, podunk towns and burghs. It says that, I am joining the place of transients and weirdos because this is where you go when you don’t fit in anywhere else. This is the land of skateboards and vegan food carts after all! Seemingly never ending skate spots and skate snacks! So why are we trying to re-invent the wheel?

Not giving up and no resignation. There are so many people making Portland Oregon an amazing and sustainable place to do rad things.  This is going to be VSB HQ for now. Unpacked and ready to shred!

We have some great reviews coming up, including some new stuff from Emerica, New Balance Numeric, and Habitat. We’re finally on instagram too! Follow us @veganskateblog


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7 Responses to Portland, Sweet Portland

  1. Martín says:

    Hey! thanks for the update!
    we’re waiting for more reviews and stuff!!!

  2. unholyLes says:

    I love Portland its a great place to be a skateboarder and a vegan! Glad your back missed the blog updates!

  3. On a scale of 1-10, how jealous am I of you? 10. 10 being the most jealous. I want vegan food carts. 🙂

  4. tOM says:

    Good to hear you’re there. Hope everything is going to go well for you my friend! I’ll have to try and make it there sometime. I’m moving too, out of PGH and back to upstate ny to help run my friends skate shop/ park! dream job!

  5. Glad you’re back on the interwebs, I missed the site.
    Also stoked you are in Portland. As soon as I get my cast off, it’s shredding time!

  6. B. Edge says:

    What does Portland have that Seattle doesn’t have? Honest question.

  7. blütt says:

    funny, i just relocated here from chicago a couple months back, too! haven’t got my bearings (or a job, yikes) yet.

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