unpacking soon…

VSB has been on a bit of a hiatus for the last week or so and it may be a week more before everything is back to normal.

The current home of VSB in beautiful downtown Chicago is all packed up. Soon to be unpacked and set up camp in Portland, Oregon. This is the beginning of a whole new adventure with some exciting possibilities for this blog and our involvement in skating.

We’ve got some great shoes reviews in the pipeline.  A few of our favorite companies have new lines and colorways of Vegan skateboard shoes! There are a even a few new entries to the skateboard market that should prove interesting at the least.  So many positive things to come.

The weather is perfect right now in Chicago, so I’ll be signing off. Its time to go skate in the last remaining hours of the day. If you’re in Chicago, come out on Tuesday for a farewell skate.



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3 Responses to unpacking soon…

  1. So stoked that we are about to be living and skating in the same city.
    See you soon dude!

  2. veganshawn says:

    I will be up in Portland the end of this month, let’s skate and eat vegan food!!

  3. B. Edge says:

    I’ll be in Portland (with my band) on August 4. Get in touch!

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