Vegetable Shredder – Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall Vegan skateboarder rawNAME: Chris Kendall aka the Banana Commander

LOCATION: Traveling nomad from Saskatchewan Canada

OCCUPATION: RHN Raw Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Raw food Chef, Kundalini Yoga teacher

Where do you like skating? I love skating anywhere and everywhere, from gritty to perfectly smooth I love it all!

Why did you go Veg? I literally went veg as Yoga pointed me in that direction to feel better so I could skate more and heal faster from chucking, the rest of the reasons followed, that was 16 years ago

What is your favorite thing to skate and why? This is so so tough but I would have to say a Wooden Mini Ramp. Five to Six feet is my favorite so you can really lock into smith grinds and also get some good air. I could skate a mini all day, nothing beats a session with some good friends on a solid mini ramp!

vegan skateboarder Chris Kendall What shoe are you skating in now? I am skating the Indy Vans pro cupsole shoe in Hemp!! Love them, for me Vans has the best grip ever and makes a bunch of hemp / canvas / synthetic  shoes that really rule it!

Say whatever you want about skating Veg.  Skateboarding to me has always been about self expression and passion, this only permeates into the rest of my life. skating has led me to become more creative in the ways I can grow in sharing and helping my larger family, connecting with more people and spreading the message of health, passion and compassion. As a side bonus I feel and heal way better than before!

——————————————————————————————————————-A three-song skate part, and right after the MJ video!  Wow, thanks Chris. We’ve been sitting on this Vegetable Shredder for awhile and I’m glad to finally get it out there for ya’ll!

The Banana Commander isn’t just a vegan, he’s all raw. What can I say, more seitan rubens for the rest of us!  Kidding, kidding. If you’re veg and shred, send in a some photos and the answer to all these questions to  Don’t forget a mailing address so we can get you some rad stickers.

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