Vegetable Shredder – Jez


LOCATION:  Brighton U.K

OCCUPATION:  Vegan straight edge warrior

Where do you like skating?  The streets

Why did you go Veg?  So as to not contribute to the suffering and murder of innocent life. And for my health.

What is your favorite thing to skate and why?  Nice bit of flat land for lines, a few ledges and manuals. Or a nice wooden mini.

What shoe are you skating in now?  éS theory low. grey canvas

 MY RIDE: 8″ Crayon logo deck

Thunder 147 lows

Bones stf 50mm wheels

Bones swiss bearings

Getting some air, up and over the hip in New Zealand. Thanks Jez for representing the Vegetable Shredder for the U.K.
Keep ’em coming people!  Usually I only post one photo, but since Jez sent me all his holiday pictures, I felt like I should post a couple more.
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