Vegetable Shredder – Matt Swanguen

Matt Vegan skateboarder

photo: dershasho


NAME: Matt Swanguen


OCCUPATION: Laborer/ Grade Checker (construction)

Where do you like skating? I like skating everything across the U.S., primarily the Pacific Northwest. I love exploring and traveling, it keeps skating fresh.

Why did you go Veg? I chose to go veg, when I had a drastic change happen to me and had my “freedom” taken from me. I had a lot of time to think about how much I value my life and the endless opportunities I’ve been given. I had been introduced to veganism, through friends and the “straight edge” culture, I’m involved in. It seemed only right. I hated being locked in a cage, someone telling me, when I could and could not eat or sleep. I have compassion for a living being, one who does not base choices of money or personal gain.

Matt Swanguen Vegan Skateboarder

photo: dershasho

What is your favorite thing to skate and why? I love to skate tight concrete ramps with noping and big bowls with pool coping! You feel the grinds against your feet, it’s perfect balance between control and chaos. Hills are a feeling you can’t explain to people who don’t skateboard. Spines, because the possibilities are endless(i.e. Wade Speyer).

What shoe are you skating in now? I’m currently wearing the Servant “Loiters”. Really digging that company! The got sick insole artwork and all vegan.

matt swan piv

pivot fakie Photo:Matt Swanguen (selfie)

Or just say whatever you want about skating Veg… Skateboarding to me, represents adaptation and progression. The constant evolution of tricks, the struggle to find and skate spots, the community/ friendships. Skateboarders are forward thinkers, a culture that thrives on do-it-yourself mentalities and collective thinking. Veganism isn’t new. Maybe people just haven’t questioned what they call “normal” or “healthy”. Question what you’ve been taught. Give veganism a try!


Matt sent this Vegetable Shredder in a little while back and I’m so glad to finally post it.  His push on going Vegan is certainly one that most of us never experience and I’m glad he shared that with us.   If you’re veg and shred, send in a some photos and the answer to all these questions to  Don’t forget a mailing address so we can get you some rad stickers.

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