Ker-Bloom Zine Artnoose LetterpressArtnoose; VSB contributor, Vegetable Shredder, tattoo artist, and International Letterpress Super Star, has a collection of 3 zines in her long running series Ker-Bloom! that tell the story of how she recently became a mother.  Possibly one of the most interesting stories you will ever read on the subject; coming from the perspective of a D.I.Y. hero and now rad mom. (I have seen pictures of this women building a half-pipe while 5 months pregnant.)

Issue 94/95 $6

Issue 96 $3

Artnoose designed our banner and first sticker. Diesel Fuel Prints recently. Buy a sticker pack this week (ends Sept.1st) and get 10 extra stickers by Artnoose  VSB Stickerpack $5

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