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Vegetable Shredder – tOM

NAME: tOM LOCATION: Pittsburgh OCCUPATION: Unemployed however I skate, draw comics and play with my dogs all day. It’s the life. Where do you like skating? Everywhere, that’s why skate trips are the best. Why did you go Veg? I started … Continue reading

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Vans Era Pro

Vans Era Pro are a low cut classic. Don’t confuse that with Van’s Classics though. These are all new and skate improved. Puffy collar, a thin tongue, and some midsole support to cushion your tootles. Depending which internet site you … Continue reading

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Supra Society Mid

The Supra Society Mid is defiantly not for you lower class types. High Mid Rollers only. If you want some basketball inspired skateboard shoes, then I don’t think there are many others that can really touch the Society. The Vegan … Continue reading

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Walter Bond Final Statement to the Court

This is Walter Bond, earlier this week he was sentenced to 87 months of prison for arson. I think its important to say that Vegan Skate Blog supports the actions and the unapologetic stance that Walter takes. The reason we … Continue reading

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Fairdale Skate Rack

These Skateboard Panniers from Fairdale may be just what you need if yesterdays post got you longing for your very own epic skate/bike trip.  I do not have a car, and would really like to do some long road trip … Continue reading

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The Long White Cloud

Riding The Long White Cloud – Trailer As we get closer to winter up here in Chicago, there are still a few weeks left to get on your board and skate it up. And what better way to get around … Continue reading

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Osiris Troma Icon

The Osiris Troma Icon reminds be of autumn. The browning of the leaves for one. And check out the canvas weave logo. This vegan skateboard shoe has some nice padding in the tongue and collar, a cup sole, and some … Continue reading

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éS Le Brea

éS Le Brea is your deal of the day.  I know, I know. Its not black. How not festive of me.  But its BLUE! How many Blue Vegan Skateboard shoes do you have?  Yeah, I thought so.   Classic éS … Continue reading

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Emerica Laced

Emerica Laced come with laces, but I’m supposed to say you can/should wear them with out laces. That is CRAZY! Seriously. They are trimmed down and light enough as it is, so just lace the damn things.  If you decide … Continue reading

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The History of Skateboarding (Candyland stlye)

My past posts on trophies of skateboard relics should be proof enough, I am a sucker for anything skate history / trivia related.  For one I was pretty sure Bertlemann was just a surfer. Show’s what I know. This Candyland … Continue reading

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