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Habitat Guru Hi Review – Second Look

We looked at the new Habitat Guru Hi about a month ago and started a skate test. Here are some results and photos of the wear and tear and some thoughts about the shoe. This is the first time Habitat has … Continue reading

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Chicago Skate Punx Summit wrap up

The first annual Chicago Skate Punx Summit was a super fun afternoon of skateboarding, grilling, and you know, being a punk. Big thanks to Kill Yr. Parents Garden for putting this together! I’m not one much for taking pictures, but … Continue reading

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DC Tonik S TX

The DC Tonik S TX does not have a new vegan colorway, in fact we posted this exact shoe last August. It is however a great slim DC shoe from their skateboard line. (funny how they make hiking boots and … Continue reading

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The Vegan Zombie – Tempeh Kabobs

We’re going to do some grilling at the Chicago Skate Punk Summit later today. If I didn’t have to haul a grill, vegan-meats, plus sticker packs (for sale at the CSPS for $5) all the way up to Wilson Skate … Continue reading

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Osiris NYC 83 VLC

Osiris NYC 83 VLC has at least one Vegan colorway (waiting to hear back on others) this season. The retro inspired high-top is constructed of abrasion resistant ballistic nylon. Similar to those fancy messenger bags that were all the rage … Continue reading

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Kill YR. Parent’s Garden #5

SSF TAPE’S Kill YR Parents Garden #5 is out and radder then ever.  The usual skate-punk centric essays fill most of the pages, including one on crappier side of Thrasher Mag (sorry dudes I’m still a fan) and white privilege.  … Continue reading

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Alien Workshop 2012 Apocalypse Series Box Set

If the Mayan 2012 end of the world thing wasn’t enough sign that the end is nigh, then certainly the Sovereign Sect issuing an Apocalypse Series Box Set, stored in military grade arms case is proof positive. With only 3 … Continue reading

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Emerica Hsu – NOT VEGAN

  The HSU this season turns out to not be vegan. The original post image seen above is actually a prototype model that never went to production. The listed material has since been changed from Canvas to Suede though the … Continue reading

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Chicago Skate Punk Summit

This Saturday August 18th at 3pm SFF TAPES / Kill Yr Parents Garden Zine will be hosting the first Annual Skate Punx Summit at Wilson Skate Park!  This should be an exciting end of summer gathering, with some good skating, … Continue reading

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Rick McCrank Menikmati

Rick McCrank’s Menikmati part is one of my favorites (even the techno/ big-beat soundtrack). So many great shots in Paris! Lots of steps, ledges, and insane use of public sculpture installations.  Don’t forget to check the footwear. My how skate … Continue reading

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