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Liberator Pre-Order!

Liberator, (the animal liberation comic) from Black Mask Studios is about to drop and available for Pre-Order!!!  We backed it in the funding and interviewed the writer Matt Miner. If you didn’t get a chance to jump on the pre-release additions … Continue reading

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The Ghosts in Our Machine

The Ghosts in Our Machine, is a documentary about the work of Photographer Jo-Ann McArthur who has captured images of the modern industrialized use of Animals.  It premiers next month at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto Canada and … Continue reading

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Street View – Architecture, Skateboarding, History

Skateboarder and Film Maker Chris Underwood has his second film up on Kickstarter right now. Going beyond scoping the sweet skate spots that occur by accident or sheer serendipity, Underwood is looking at the influence that skateboarders and architects have … Continue reading

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Craig Freeman – Cartoon Nihilism

Craig Freeman’s newest show, Cartoon Nihilism is up at Gallery 707 in Pittsburgh now through February 17th. Cartoon Nihilism explores themes of depression, suicide and nihilism through the cartoon world. By appropriating and recontextualizing cartoon imagery, what was once known … Continue reading

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Retirement Fund Patches

Retirement Fund, $1 Patches is an Etsy store with everything we love here. Skateboarding, cool art, pro-fun, and messages of compassion on gnarly bits of canvas perfect for patching up you’re favorite jacket or holed pants. The proprietor, Matt Gauck … Continue reading

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Man by Steve Cutts

This short is a cheeky, but serious look at how humans are f’ing up. Something to ponder in this new year. Stealing a line from our favorite Vegan Grocery Store, “Vegan means I’m trying to suck less.” Think about where … Continue reading

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Liberator: ALF Comic Book

Liberator, a 4 Issue Comic Series by Matt Miner & Joel Gomez hit Kickstarter last week. VSB is a big supporter of the project and the message behind the comic. Liberator is also a good story for anyone, Animal Rights … Continue reading

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The Bird Machine Manwolf Print

The Bird Machine has a limited run of prints perfect for your inner ManWolf and (gulp) ApeSnake. Inspired by the massively amazing Machotaildrop film, this little beasty of a print is hang’n ten as only a Manwolf can. Measuring 17″x23″ … Continue reading

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Tashkeel – Arabic Art Ramp

Earlier this year, the Dubai art studio Tashkeel started a series of art installations and shows that culminated in the construction of a massive ramp. The word “art” in Arabic calligraphy was transformed into one of the most unique skate-able … Continue reading

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Skateboard Tattoos’

Skateboard tattoos are often questionable. The randomness of a skate graphic is always forgivable because of temporary nature of the medium. Every now and then a more iconic character or logo appears and before you know it every skate rat … Continue reading

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