Emerica – End of Spring Season wrap-up

This past Spring season we saw a wide array of Vegan options from Emerica.  VSB did skate reviews of two out of seven Vegan models in the Gold Standard series; The Hsu 2 and G-Code.  Gold Standard is the pro line of skateboard shoes from Emerica and it was great to see so many animal-free options to choose from.  The Fall and Holiday season are not going to be as abundant for us, but I’ve got word that some great stuff is coming down the pipe line in Vegan colorways.

While we wait, why not grab up some great deals on the last of the Spring 12 Gold Standard line. I usually list sizes but these deals are going to move fast.


 Vegan Skateboard Shoes from Emerica Hsu 2Hsu 2$48.00Emerica Vegan Skateboard shoes Andrew ReynoldsReynolds 3 $45.00Vegan Skateboard shoes by Emerica

Reynolds Cruisers $50.00Emerica Westgate Vegan skateboard shoe

Westgate $40.00


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